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Art Her Way Hybrid Collective Exhibition

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Nada Raphael

As an engaged artist passionate about her country, Nada Raphael uses her diverse experiences to write articles and stories, take pictures, direct and produce documentaries, raise awareness, express feelings, share different opinions, and shed light on untold realities.

With more than 15 years as a photographer, she did many exhibitions in Montreal, such as “Hyphen Islam Christianity” in 2010, at the Gesù – Centre de créativité, “Beirut Art Fair” at the Artheum (for three consecutive years 2013-2015), and many more.

As a filmmaker and a documentarist, her work was selected in many different Festivals worldwide. Irani-Afghani (2002), chosen at the NFB Lebanese film festival, is a documentary on the Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi, who shot a documentary in Afghanistan only two weeks before the fall of the Taliban Regime. Flash Back… Ou Ba3dein (2007), portraying the Lebanese Canadians caught in the 2006 war in Lebanon, was selected for many festivals, such as the Festival des Films sur les Droits de la Personne in Montreal. Hyphen Islam-Christianity documenting the many religious communities in Lebanon, selected worldwide, in 25 cities, shown in Festivals and Universities.

She wrote many articles for the Journal Metro, IN-Magazine, and L’Avenir in Montreal as a journalist. She animated her radio show Alf Layla Wa Layla at CISM89.3 FM in Montreal.

The book she co-wrote, “Hyphen Islam Christianity,” won Special mention in the 30th France-Lebanon Award organized by the Association des Écrivains de Langue Française (ADELF) in 2010.

Through her lens, Nada Raphael highlights different messages and taboos and tries to grab people’s senses and emotions because dialogue through art can change one's vision and mentality. Sharing stories, images, sounds, and emotions, all aim at bridging among people and uncovering what unites us, as well as each person’s “hidden gems".