Founded in 2023 by Drs. Pamela and Michele Chrabieh in Sin-el-Fil, Lebanon, Kulturnest is a vibrant cultural space. Restoring a family house from the early 20th century, they brought life to a neighborhood lacking versatile arts and culture venues. Dr. Pamela Chrabieh, a multi-talented artist, researcher, and curator, infuses the space with her artistic and academic acumen. Dr. Michele Chrabieh, a Human Resources expert with a passion for craft spirits, brings organizational finesse and hospitality prowess.

Embracing Inclusivity

Kulturnest is your inclusive platform for work, exhibitions, workshops, connections, and culinary delights. Come, create, and indulge in a space that celebrates the arts and culture for and by all.

Fostering Creative Empowerment

Our commitment to art, culture, and social transformation fuels an environment fostering creativity, intercultural dialogue, and community empowerment.

  • Inspired Artistry

    We offer a dynamic platform for artists and practitioners to exhibit, learn, and flourish, fostering their creative journeys.

  • Community Connection

    We create an engaging atmosphere where arts and culture are celebrated, bringing the community together for appreciation and participation.

  • Cultural Nexus

    We stand as a lively hub that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, igniting a thriving cultural network.

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Explore, Engage, and Enrich your Journey with us

Step into the world of Kulturnest and be part of a vibrant community where stories unfold through culture. Join us in shaping a haven that celebrates diversity and creativity.