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Your Scent

Your Scent

Artwork by Chris Assoury
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Artwork by Chris Assoury.

Acrylic, Dried Natural Elements, and Resin on Canvas
160x100cm, 2022

As an artist, I strive to capture the essence of memory and its intricate layers through my work. Memory is a profoundly personal experience that shapes our perception of life. By exploring it through various mediums, I can bring to light what is often unnoticed. In a world ever-changing, where the relentless passage of time seeks to erode the foundations of our memories, my art stands as an unyielding testament to the enduring power of recollection.

"Your Scent" is a testament to this resilience. I breathe life into the intangible through the fusion of painting and mixed media, interwoven with the fragile beauty of dried natural elements. This artwork becomes a vessel, capturing the essence of moments and preserving them as visual poetry.

Within the intricate layers of "Your Scent," I invoke the forgotten fragrances, the tactile sensations, and the fleeting emotions of memory. The dried natural elements, suspended in their silent repose, speak of the unwavering connection between the natural world and the human experience. The interaction between the artist and the viewer is essential to understanding perception.

"Your Scent" beckons the viewer to immerse themselves in the nuanced tapestry of their recollections, inviting a profound dialogue between the artwork and the observer. As an artist, I stand unyielding in my commitment to preserving the ephemeral, to crafting a bridge between the transitory and the eternal. Like "Your Scent," my work serves as a sanctuary for memories that refuse to be forgotten.

In a world where judgment and stereotyping are prevalent, I strive to be as genuine as possible and overcome my fear of new challenges. Art combines truth, freedom, passion, resilience, new experiences, and emotions, and I am dedicated to exploring the complexity of new visual aesthetic languages through my work.

Ultimately, I aim to give viewers a unique experience that prompts them to re-examine their memories and perceptions. In the "Unyielding" exhibition, I am honored to share this journey of memory, reflection, and resilience with you, the viewer.

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