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Women of Truth Series

Women of Truth Series

By Amira Al Zein

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Mixed Media on Canvas

50 x 70 cm

520$ each

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In this vibrant pop art series, we celebrate the resilience and significance of women, capturing the essence of their journey through life's adversities. A bold and dynamic portrayal illustrates women breaking through barriers, showcasing strength and determination.

Central to the narrative is a captivating representation of Plestia, a Palestinian woman journalist fearlessly navigating the twists and turns of her professional journey amidst an ongoing war. The colors burst with vitality, reflecting the dedication and passion she brings to her mission of sharing the truth about her beloved people. Through the use of bold lines and contrasting hues, the artwork emphasizes the courage and sacrifice it takes to confront challenges.

As headlines and stories unfold, all the women in the artwork represent the commitment to navigating the challenges of life. The interplay of words and images conveys the power of information and the impact it can have on society.

This artwork stands as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of women, highlighting their ability to not only face adversities but to transform them into opportunities for growth and change.

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About Amira Al Zein

Amira Al Zein is a Lebanese and self-taught visual artist. As a seasoned Project Coordinator, Social Worker, and Relations Executive, she has years of experience in Education, NGOs, and International Relations.

During her career, Amira has worked with organizations and individuals, championing the rights of children, youth, women, and society as a whole. Whether it's battling for justice, promoting education, advocating for human rights, or safeguarding the environment, she dives into the trenches, spearheading initiatives that resonate far beyond their local impact.

Amira's global outlook, empathetic nature, and strong sense of social responsibility have shaped her into an agent of change. This commitment ignited her passion for creating "Art with a Cause," creating powerful visual experiences that shatter stereotypes and prejudices complemented by her versatile writing, addressing social issues. Her multicultural background fuels her creative fire, enabling her to craft artworks that challenge the status quo and inspire others to question societal norms.

With her paintbrush and pen as her weapons, she aspires that her works provoke thought, provoke action, and provoke change. She knows that we can’t eradicate all the misfortunes happening today, we can only try to help, big or small, one smile, one person at a time.