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Woman Curves

Woman Curves

By Samia Hasan

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Oil Painting on Canvas

100 x 80 cm

This is a knife painting, I drew a woman lying on a couch to show her curves and edges, she was tired from life turning her back and relaxing for a long period just to feel good, you can see the red paint under her back showing pain and how exhausted she was, as well as I merged the blue color on the wall behind which gives the effect of cold medium outside there, and the gold under to show the final rest in a warm and cozy place. Her curves are meant to be sharp and not smoothly painted because of the hard life she came from. At last, I glittered the whole canvas to wish for a beautiful ending.

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About Samia Hasan

Samia Hasan is a Lebanese-based painter, who specializes in impressionism, realism, surrealism, and self-portraits. She is a graduate of the Lebanese International University as a graphic designer and has a Master’s degree in educational management.

Her painting aims to popularize the depiction of female relationships in fine arts. Original work can be purchased from her website.