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Woman Archetype Revisited

Woman Archetype Revisited

By Rima Ghanem

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Black Ink on White Cardboard, A5 Format

The weight of the flesh. The female figure, happily, proudly and also so heavily carried throughout her timeline. The story of the female body is an archetype of beauty versus withering for all to see.
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About Rima Ghanem

Rima Ghanem was born near the Lebanese mountain of Sannine in 1973.

She started her career in 1999 as an interior Designer graduating from ALBA/UoB University but soon after started teaching in both universities, Art related courses to foundation year students.

Her path as the visual storyteller as she likes to call herself is deeply rooted in her lifetime experience as a daughter, sister, and wife, and mostly empathetic and strongly rooted Lebanese woman-child, both in her inward emotional reactions and outside active productions.

Her Illustrations (miniatures varying from A4 to A5 paper formats) are simple, straightforward forward, and embedded in female culture and existence. Past, present and future. She expresses herself with simple media (markers, ink, pencils) and pays special care to the relation between background and foreground, contrast, composition, and colors.

She believes Art should be spread worldwide, and be accessible and affordable to all those who relate to it.

Today, she continues to teach, draw and love.