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Artwork by Carole Ingea
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co/ Artists of Beirut

Mural sculpture: Wire Mesh, Plaster Band

40 x 64 x 15cm


Art is the mirror of the soul… Art is a means to express what we feel or have experienced during the time of our existence.
Using different techniques and materials we can transmit what we feel, live, and observe in our own, distinctive way.”

Carole chooses wire mesh to express her concern about the Middle Eastern women's condition.
Her sculptures are transparent like these anonymous women. Each has its own story, and a plaster band highlights it.

The three wall sculptures are part of a series entitled: “Ultramarine”, the color of dreams and mystery. Yet, each sculpture can be displayed alone.

“Wings” symbolized the ultimate state of freedom. In this sculpture, the woman is completely freed from her constraints. With wings on her back, she can finally achieve her dreams and live her life as she desires.

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