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What May Have Been

What May Have Been

Artwork by Nada Raphael
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55 x 40 cm

I am 85 years old. I am a mother, a sister, a wife, a grandmother. I am.
My life has been the life of all my family, our friends and neighbors. I have worked endlessly to ensure the future of everyone, teaching studies and values, cultivating crops and dreams, working at home and on the field, and dreaming every dream that was never mine.

I am and always be the shoulder to cry on.

I rest assured that everyone is healthy, safe, has enough to eat, and follows their dreams but come to think about it, I never thought of myself, I never knew who I wanted to become, or what I wanted to do. I never thought, I just did. I did what no one could ever do, and yet, what about me?

And Yet, I think what if? what if I had lived my dream?

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