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Vintage Telephone Lamp

Vintage Telephone Lamp

By The Vintage Shop 961
In Home Decor & Furniture

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Features:   Handmade  Unique Piece  Upcycled 
Materials:   Metal Mix  Bakelite  Rubber 
Art technique:   Metalworking  Assemblage  Upcycled Art 
Dimensions (cm):  46.0 x 30.0 x 18.0
Net Weight (kg):  3.0

Originally made from durable Bakelite plastic, with metal components for internal mechanisms and a rubber handset cord, this vintage black telephone from the 70s-80s has been creatively transformed into a stylish lamp, merging nostalgia with modern functionality. The telephone's classic design adds a touch of retro charm to any space, while its new role as a lamp provides a unique and practical lighting solution. The handset is cleverly repurposed as a light fixture, showcasing an inventive use of the telephone's original form. 

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About The Vintage Shop 961

Meet the brothers AVX & Krikor, behind the ingenious junk art of The Vintage Shop 961 in Lebanon. AVX & Krikor complete a new junk art masterpiece every morning, leaving their afternoons free for treasure-hunting.