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By Layal Khatib

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Acrylic on Canvas

100 x 100 cm 

This Woman reached Utopia, a perfect state of mind. A strong and free spirit. After going through the struggles and the stigma of her society. She decides prison is only in the mind. She takes off the pressure of society and takes herself out of the box. She is a dreamer. A pursuer of her dreams.

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About Layal Khatib

It was during the long school classes, that Layal Khatib found her escape in the scribbles, portraits, and doodles her hand started drawing on every copybook corner, back papers, and agendas. She still has some of those as framed sketches. It all started with those sketches. She was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and obtained a BS in pharmacy from the Lebanese American University. She worked as a pharmacist for the past ten years and enjoyed every aspect of the healthcare field. Nonetheless, something was missing. It was that lingering doubt that would later give birth to her artistic journey. She believed there was more to her purpose in life.. she had to paint!

In 2017, she felt some hesitance in taking on this new path but persisted anyway. She started with a few canvases and paints and promised herself to find liberation in this new path. This was her way to speak freely and connect with the world. She has not stopped since. It allows her to express her feelings most sincerely. After a one-year painting course at UPT and a graffiti course as well, she got to paint a wall in Ouzai and give color to her city. She now paints from within unguided by rules. Unguided by judgment. She then decides to start with a series of women, abstract portraits of women and calls it The Labeled Woman of our Society. The woman has to abide by rules and guidelines from a very early age. Her whole existence and experiences are ruled by societal boxes. So she decides to free her and represent her. Sheds a light on her. From this comes her first abstract portrait: “The Labeled Woman”. Then “The Labeled Woman - Part Two”. Then abstract expressionism follows too. It feels like there are no boundaries to it. She keeps going and the journey is passionate and surprising. Rewarding and thrilling. This inspired her to create her painting atelier from home, named after her beloved city. Atelier Beirut. This allows her to share her artistic energy with the world.