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Upcycled Fabric Wallet

Upcycled Fabric Wallet

By Ingrid Swave
In Clothing & Accessories

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Features:   Handmade  Unique Piece  Upcycled 
Materials:   Fabric 
Art technique:   Fabric Upcycling  Sewing 
Dimensions (cm):  12.0 x 22.5 x 1.5
Net Weight (kg):  0.2
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About Ingrid Swave

WHEN there is a Weave, there is a way!

Embark on a magical journey with Ingrid through the realm of SpeakEasyThyme. Here, visitors are invited to delve deep into a world where artistry and sustainability intertwine, breathing life into forgotten materials and crafting statement pieces that transcend mere aesthetics.

In every creation from SpeakEasyThyme by Ingrid (S.E.T. by Ingrid), one finds a whisper of the past entwined with a vision for the future. Each piece tells a story of reinvention, celebrating imperfections and embracing the beauty found within them. As one explores the tapestry of creativity, a spark of curiosity and wonder is ignited, fostering a profound connection to the artistry woven into each design