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Three Faces

Three Faces

Artwork by Christina Abou Jaoude
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Acrylic on Canvas

50 x 70cm

In this artwork, we can see a symphony of diverse women taking center stage, each a parallel universe of womanhood. A white northern light kisses the reflective waters below, connecting us to spiritual paths and the whispers of our ancestors.

A silhouette of a boat cruises through the canvas, a symbol of faith, education, desire, and curiosity—each stroke echoing a unique journey. Colors burst forth in each face, mirroring feelings and diverse cultures. It's a celebration of unity in diversity.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Greek mythology, these women channel the essence of life-bringers and guides, just like the mighty Gaia. In this painting, individual struggles become badges of honor, with each woman standing tall, radiating strength and determination.

They've weathered life's storms and faced personal battles, and now, they dream of embodying their most authentic selves, unapologetically sharing what they hold within.

This canvas doesn't just tell a story; it's a lively anthem to the power of diverse narratives and the vibrant spirit within every woman.

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