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The Reconstruction of Beirut’s Beautiful Windows, Facades, and Doors

The Reconstruction of Beirut’s Beautiful Windows, Facades, and Doors

Artwork by Carole Nassif
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Acrylic on canvas

75 x 100 cm

August 2021, the way I lived it and the way it changed the rest of my life.

A day like all other busy summer ones that ended in the most horrific and deadly way.
The first blast hit. The whole house shook like a leaf in the autumn winds, and the walls cracked. I jumped to look outside my windows that overlook all of Beirut to see some smoke in the port area. I said to myself it must be another explosion. Next, I heard a rumbling noise, one that brought only fear in my person who had witnessed multiple wars.

Then it happened.

The blow sent me a few steps away from the window. It took me a few seconds to see the deadly cloud over the port and to notice the broken windows, the cracked walls, and the fallen false ceiling. Suddenly, my motherly instinct kicked in. While going down the few steps that separate me from my daughter’s room, - or maybe did I fly there? - I started shouting to her: take cover in the corridor! Stay away from

Holding my daughter in my arms in the corridor, nothing happened but a deafening silence, leaving us wondering what had just happened. It was only after long minutes that we dared look out the windows again.

Frantic sirens started reaching us. People ventured out seeking answers. Televisions and radios sounded everywhere. Left in the unknown, I reached my phone to call my mother. My calls couldn’t get through.

Finally, I heard from her. She was in shock. But who wasn’t?

The first images overwhelmed the news. They spoke much better than any attempted words. At this point, I didn’t seek any answers. I just needed to know that my family, friends, and loved ones were safe.

All the gods, saints, and prophets were implored and conjured. Please make them all well. Save them I begged. By some miracle, few of them suffered treatable wounds, leaving me thankful yet wondering how miracles favored me this time. Why didn’t they spare the others? Little did I know that the damage done to all of us was greater than any physical one.

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