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The Dreaming Woman

The Dreaming Woman

Artwork by Rita Nasr
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Oil on Canvas

90 x 60 cm

In the ethereal realm of dreams, where reality intertwines with imagination, the surreal masterpiece, "Nude Woman Sleeping on Water," emerges as a captivating exploration of tranquility and subconscious symbolism. The canvas breathes serenity, immersed in a palette of dreamy blues and soft, iridescent hues. The dream unfolds upon a calm expanse of water, its surface reflecting the surreal landscape above. The water, rendered with a liquid luminosity, cradles the slumbering figure like a celestial cradle, creating an otherworldly tableau. At the heart of this dreamscape lies the central figure—an exquisitely portrayed nude woman, reclining in a state of profound repose. Her form is a study of grace, as every contour and curve is delicately captured.

The woman's body appears weightless, a testament to the weightlessness of dreams as if she is suspended between the realms of consciousness and the subconscious.
The woman's slumber is profound, her features softened by the gentle embrace of the dream world. Her eyes are closed, evoking a sense of surrender to the subconscious currents that guide her nocturnal voyage. Long, flowing strands of hair cascade around her like liquid strands, merging with the water beneath her in a seamless dance. The subtle ripples on the water's surface carry a whisper of movement, suggesting that the dream is alive with a subtle, rhythmic energy.

"The Dreaming Woman" is an invitation to wander through the corridors of the unconscious mind. It is a visual poem that captures the essence of dreams—mysterious, tranquil, and evocative. The painting serves as a portal to a realm where the boundaries of reality dissolve, leaving behind only the serene beauty of a nude woman peacefully sleeping on the tranquil waters of the dream world. It also reflects a woman’s need for dreaming and imagination for greater achievements in her life.

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