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Symphony of Her

Symphony of Her

By Yara Loucas
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Features:   Handmade  Unique Piece 
Materials:   Canvas 
Art technique:   Acrylic Painting 
Dimensions (cm):  50.0 x 40.0 x 2.25
Net Weight (kg):  3.0

Amazing what “God” has given, even nature seems to yield. Vivid, flawlessly driven, dazzling, and smells like zeal. She is colorful, smiles cautiously with a pinch of pain, and laughs frantically with a dash of anguish. She dances around when she’s still and swirls like a twister when she moves. She walks in a rush, a marvelous fool with style, and if she sits, Tibetan monks grow to be wonderous. She doesn’t know who she is. 
Amazing what “Nothing” has given, even “God” seems to yield. Vibrant, delicately driven, glittering, and echoes real. She waltzes her way through a conversation and plays ballerina when she sleeps. She craves a speech, talks in salsa rhythm, tells a story like there is no tomorrow, not even a today, indifferently enthused, eagerly nonchalant, and the words like Nazi soldiers halted, queued, and impatient to see the light. She doesn’t know who she is if only she knew.

Amazing how she provokes the sense of existence, even the energy of “Nothing” seems to yield. Sentimental, perfectly driven, dreamy, and charm a feel. She is lustful, lost in a parade of emotions, mystified in a carnival of appetites, baffled, struggling to ignore the idea of the past meeting the now. She may escape, she flees with daring, runs away with pride, and hides from her being, being her. She doesn’t know who she is, if only she knew, she’d be elated.

Amazing how she irritates the philosophy of complexity, even the sense of existence seems to yield. Puzzled, effortlessly driven, confusion is her ideal. She’s more complicated than complexity, more detailed than a Da Vinci, silently furious. She is violently calm and calmly aggressive, peacefully angry, and angrily serene. She designs the veracity with fervor, fashioned in her infinite maze of a psyche, beautifully ruined in the theater of time. She’s that transparent. She doesn’t know who she is, if only she knew, she’d be elated, hurling self-admiration.

Amazing is the mother in her, the friend, the confidant, the nurse, the lady, and the child. Amazing is the father in her, the leader, the romantic, and the kinky. Amazing is the affection she gives and fights to take back, the attention she steels, the worry she carries, the fear she handles, and the strength she distributes. Amazing is her funny serious and she’s seriously funny, her face rebels with each emotion, and her body tells the tale. She doesn’t want to know who she is, if only she knew, she’d be elated, hurling self-admiration.


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About Yara Loucas

Bound with the art scene from a young age, realistic portraits of friends and family were a persuasion. Yara Loucas was born in Beirut, 1985. She graduated from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts and worked, and still is, as an interior architect while teaching drawing and painting in several venues.

Affected by many challenges and obstacles in her country and personal life, her notion towards her work has progressed from copying people’s faces to fashioning her concepts about the significant changes in her life.

Her overall work is represented by sketching and drawing with pencil, ballpoint pen, ink, watercolor, and acrylic painting.