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Artwork by Rima Rizkallah
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Oil on Canvas

60 x 60 cm

"Strength," the second piece in Rima's collection, "The Women Who Went for It.” It captures a woman confidently standing in the face of life's challenges. She is telling you that she isn't afraid of what is coming and you don't need to be either. She is the kind of person who always does things her way. This painting is a powerful reflection of Rima's journey to find the strength to survive Lebanon’s turbulent times.

This oil painting portrays a woman embodying resilience, confidently facing life's challenges. With unwavering strength, she confronts every obstacle, emerging victorious in her journey.

"Strength" is not merely an artistic creation; it is a profound reflection of the resilience Rima felt during tumultuous times. Faced with economic and social collapse in her country and navigating the complexities of raising two young daughters while her husband worked abroad for extended periods, Rima channeled her personal struggles into this compelling piece.

Tough, smart, and undeniably beautiful, the figure in "Strength" becomes a symbol of endurance and empowerment. The canvas unfolds a narrative of triumph, highlighting the indomitable spirit required to navigate life's challenges with grace and courage. In every brushstroke, Rima captures the strength required to take control of one's life and emerge stronger on the other side.

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