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By Rima Rizkallah
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Features:   Handmade  Unique Piece 
Materials:   Canvas 
Art technique:   Oil Painting 
Dimensions (cm):  60.0 x 60.0 x 2.25
Net Weight (kg):  3.0

"Strength," the second piece in Rima's collection, "The Women Who Went for It.” It captures a woman confidently standing in the face of life's challenges. She is telling you that she isn't afraid of what is coming and you don't need to be either. She is the kind of person who always does things her way. This painting is a powerful reflection of Rima's journey to find the strength to survive Lebanon’s turbulent times.

This oil painting portrays a woman embodying resilience, confidently facing life's challenges. With unwavering strength, she confronts every obstacle, emerging victorious in her journey.

"Strength" is not merely an artistic creation; it is a profound reflection of the resilience Rima felt during tumultuous times. Faced with economic and social collapse in her country and navigating the complexities of raising two young daughters while her husband worked abroad for extended periods, Rima channeled her personal struggles into this compelling piece.

Tough, smart, and undeniably beautiful, the figure in "Strength" becomes a symbol of endurance and empowerment. The canvas unfolds a narrative of triumph, highlighting the indomitable spirit required to navigate life's challenges with grace and courage. In every brushstroke, Rima captures the strength required to take control of one's life and emerge stronger on the other side.

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About Rima Rizkallah

Meet Rima, a devoted artist whose creative journey began with childhood escapades, sneaking into the living room to paint, leaving behind a playful trail of purple on the carpet. When her parents discovered her midnight sessions, they encouraged Rima to pursue her artistic passion. Later in her life, Rima's husband equally encouraged her by pushing her to enroll and attend art classes.

In university, Rima translated her love for art into the digital realm, earning a degree in Multimedia Design. This path offered numerous career opportunities and challenges and it allowed Rima to explore digital mediums of art. Rima thrived in her design career, but this meant that her love for oil painting was taking a backseat to the demands of corporate life.
Last year, as a mother of two girls, Rima decided it was time for a change. Bid farewell to the corporate hustle, she reclaimed time for both her art and her role as a mom. Embracing the freedom she carved out, she immersed herself in her favorite medium, oil painting, giving life to a moving series titled "The Women Who Went for It."

Rima infuses her art with emotions, each canvas telling the story of a specific time in her life. Her narrative is a vibrant tapestry of balancing motherhood, corporate challenges, and an unwavering passion for art. The strokes of her oil paintings not only showcase artistic skill but also mirror the resilience and determination of a mother and artist who chose to prioritize what truly matters in life.