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By Gaia Maria Noujeim

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Artwork by Gaia Maria Noujeim.

Acrylic on canvas
50 x 50 cm, 2023

Fortitude in Lebanon is essential to overcome all the corruption and chaos. However, it is only possible with the right tools if we aim to progress and to avoid resilience strictly for survival.

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About Gaia Maria Noujeim

Gaia Maria Noujeim b. 1992, is a Lebanese artist based in Beirut. Gaia acquired her Master’s degree in 2020 and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from 2018, both from the Lebanese University Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture II.

Her artworks evolve around human conditioning through social, political, and emotional influence. She believes art is a way to question or challenge accustomed behavior, whether personal or social, to elevate reality to a better future. Moreover, art is an effective method of transmitting information so that a civil change may occur through a wave or movement of art.

She is a co-founder of Minalshaab, a multidisciplinary artistic group that aims to promote cultural awareness, civic education in good citizenship, and the idea that art can replace violence as a way of expression for the people, allowing them to ask the right questions that can help in solving the crisis in our country. She has participated in a group of collective exhibitions.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2023: Eternal Recurrence Solo exhibition, Zico House
  • 2023: Blossom, Escape Gallery
  • 2022: Parallel Realms, Arneli/Zico House
  • 2019: One Heart, The Art Loft / Gallerie Cheriff Tabett
  • 2017: LU Undergrads, Hazmieh Municipality

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