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Resilience with Poise

Resilience with Poise

By Hiba Jammoul

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Mixed Media on Canvas

50 x 80 cm


Resilience with Poise” symbolizes defying the stereotypes, breaking expectations, and navigating the new world order with a balance that is coherent with harmony. She faces the social challenges, shaping her path in the community. Breaking the roof of expectations like free-will horse. Making society a more spiritual place and contributing to the evolving world, facing setbacks as raising stones to ensure her growth in the realms of society. Silent but powerful in the face of life’s storms unwavering commitment she endures adversity. Showing her stories with victory and resilience. Every woman is her hero in her own story. Compassionate about her surroundings, wishing to be heard and shared with the same poise and grace.
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About Hiba Jammoul

Born into the embrace of traditional parenting, Hiba Jammoul embarked on a journey that defied convention. Majoring in teaching science, her passion for art remained an unwavering undercurrent. In the simplicity of her knowledge, she found the canvas of her creativity.

Her path unfolded as a self-taught artist, diligently honing her skills while navigating the intricacies of self-discovery. Driven by a profound compassion, she transformed into a painter of emotions, weaving hues into the tapestry of her experiences.

The canvas became her refuge, a space where science and art harmonized. As she embraced her identity as an artist, she worked diligently to refine her craft. Her relentless pursuit of self-improvement birthed a confident creator, ready to step into the realm of art exhibitions.

Now, standing at the threshold of her dreams, she exudes a quiet assurance born of resilience and passion. Her journey reflects not only artistic prowess but also the transformative power of embracing one's true calling. The girl who once navigated tradition and science now boldly paints her narrative on the canvas of life, ready to share her story with the world.