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Artwork by Rayya Nizar Salim
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Metal Sheets and Upcycled Wooden Sieve, Rope, Cross Stitching

50 cm (diameter)

Resilience is inspired by the steadfastness and resilience of the Palestinian people, especially Palestinian mothers in the face of a brutal genocide. Whether the piece depicts two women behind barbed wires or else a single woman wearing a mask has been left purposefully ambiguous. It brings to mind questions of what is a mask and what is real.

This purposeful ambiguity symbolizes the sense of confusion, helplessness, and ambivalence in the face of one of the most violent assaults on people in our generation. The whole nation's families and children are trapped in a situation not of their making or choice. The emotions on the face(s) of the women/woman are also ambiguous, although one has their eyes open to the reality of the world, while the other remains shut.
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