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Razan Al Mubarak

Razan Al Mubarak

By Zeina Zaki

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Oil on Canvas 

90 x 120 cm

The painting is part of a series dedicated to inspirational women of the UAE. The patterns used in the series are inspired by their culture, and they are designed to honor their identity and their achievements.

This specific painting is of Razan Al Mubarak, an important figure in the Environmental field of the UAE. Hence, the leaf pattern depicts the leaves of the national tree of the UAE, the ghaf tree. The leaves are painted in the style of henna, a symbolicaly feminine ritualistic craft of the culture.

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About Zeina Zaki

Zeina Zaki is an Egyptian-born artist who lived most of her life in the UAE. She graduated from the American University in Dubai with a B.F.A in Visual Communication, studio art.

Zaki is a multimedia artist who works with a diverse range of mediums such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, and digital illustrations.

Her work is deeply connected to her experiences and the rich tapestry of her environment. Each artwork is substantially detailed and made to communicate certain emotions and moods.