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Old Beirut Mixed Media Print on Canvas

Old Beirut Mixed Media Print on Canvas

By Gilbert Loutfi
In Mixed Media Prints on Canvas

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"Places we Miss" - Old Beirut Mixed Media Print on Canvas Collection for Kulturnest by Gilbert Loutfi.

Dimensions per piece: 29x42x2 cm, 2024.
Each piece's weighs 562 g.

A curated selection of captivating black and white photographs with Gilbert’s creative touch, capturing the essence of Lebanese society and its iconic landmarks from a nostalgic perspective.

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About Gilbert Loutfi

Born in Beirut in 1980, Gilbert studied interior design and fine arts at the Lebanese University Institute of Fine Arts.

He made his career in architecture and design and developed skills in fine arts such as painting and sculpture. Gilbert undertook various projects in Lebanon and the Gulf region and participated in local and international exhibitions.

Exhibition member in Saatchi art, artmajeur, JAG, and many others.

He works with several media, including oil, acrylic, charcoal, and aquarelle. With sculptures, he is accustomed to creating artwork from construction-site leftovers, sustainable materials, and virtually anything that crosses his path, such as a broken marble stone or a threshold from an old house or a demolished building.

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