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Nostalgie Cubaine

Nostalgie Cubaine

Artwork by Fadia Abou Haidar
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Oil Painting on Canvas

90 x 70 cm

In this portrait, Nostagie Cubaine, the woman smoking a cigar becomes a symbol of character, independence, and rebellion. It represents her refusal to conform to societal expectations, highlighting her strength and resilience.

A woman smoking a cigar through the lens of gender equality highlights the importance of recognizing and respecting every individual’s autonomy and personal choices, regardless of their gender. It is about understanding that women just like men have concern over their lifestyles and bodies as well as access to education, employment, healthcare, and freedom to engage in activities that may have been traditionally associated with the opposite gender.

By focusing on gender equality in the description of my artwork, I encourage open-mindedness, acceptance, and respect for diverse expressions of identity and personal preferences.

Furthermore, my artwork highlights the need for equal opportunities for women to explore their interests and hobbies without facing any judgment or prejudice “without it being a measure of their femininity or worth”.

This inclusive perspective helps foster a society where all individuals can thrive, unencumbered by limitations imposed by outdated gender expectations.

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