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Movement - Whale Shark

Movement - Whale Shark

By Ramona Rizk

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Mixed Media

66 x 100 cm

MOVEMENT is an invitation to dive into a world of mystery, to discover and admire the beauty behind the grandiose and the fearsome. For so many people, the underwater domain is an enigmatic place filled with intimidating beasts. However, getting to know such creatures will open one’s eyes to their exquisiteness. 

As a member of the modern society that is unfortunately divided by alienation and inequality, the viewer is encouraged to peel the many layers of prejudice and move away from negative preconceptions and stereotypes by looking at each person as a unique individual. By seeking the Beauty within the Beast.

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About Ramona Rizk

Born in Beirut. At a very young age, Ramona discovered her love for art in all its forms. Influenced by the artistic inclination of her father and his fascination with the animal world, she decided to study Art Direction at Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (Beirut). Later on, she attended many workshops to expand her experience in visual design. She started working as a graphic designer but slowly realized that what she enjoys making the most are hand-made creations. She found her real passion while designing decorative light panels that bring originality and beauty through their discreet yet impactful layout.

Her work is inspired by the ancient art of paper cutting: the power of turning a simple sheet of paper into a beautiful multi-dimensional scene. The main theme of the artworks is aquatic life, a fascinating yet mysterious world that hides beautiful and powerful creatures who, through their movements that resemble a dance invite us to dive into their domain. The addition of lighting to the artwork gives the piece an enchanting aura that draws the viewer into another level of depth.

With the expanding popularity of the digital world, Ramona insists on the importance of making physical objects of art that one can enjoy looking at, touching, and interacting with.