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Lebanese Woman: Stories in Lace and Gold

Lebanese Woman: Stories in Lace and Gold

Artwork by Rafka Abou Salem
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Digital Art Print (Framed)

50x 50 cm

Lebanese Woman: Stories in Lace and Gold" is a digital portrait capturing the enduring spirit of Lebanese women. This depiction, focused on the face and upper body, showcases the subject in a gold lace dress and a radiant tantour headpiece in orange and gold.

Draped in sun-kissed silk and delicate lace, each fold in the artwork echoes with the whispers of generations. The tantour, symbolizing fiery strength, and adorned with motifs reflecting ancient cedars, celebrates a lineage as enduring as Lebanon's mountains. The amber eyes of the subject tell tales of sun-soaked shores and unwavering strength, a spirit that flourishes even in adversity.

Beyond being a portrait, it's a celebration of heritage and a testament to the resilience inherent in every Lebanese woman. This digital masterpiece transcends the canvas, seamlessly blending tradition with technology, offering a vibrant homage to cultural identity. It's a whispered promise that the stories of these resilient women will forever unfold in the timeless hues of lace and gold.

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