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Incognita: A Face Fractured, Yet Unbroken

Incognita: A Face Fractured, Yet Unbroken

By Nohad Dagher

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Acrylic on Canvas

90 x 120 cm

Behold "Incognita," a woman's visage split in two. One half, awash in chilling blue, speaks of unspoken battles, societal burdens etched in every line. Here lies the weight of expectations, dreams deferred, and voices choked back. Yet, from the ashes rises the other half, ablaze in defiant orange. This is resilience, a quiet fire refusing to be extinguished.

This is not vulnerability, but strength woven from silence. The tears wept in solitude, the laughter shared in hushed tones, the unyielding spirit that rises with each dawn, stronger and more resolute. "Incognita" is a tapestry of countless women's narratives: the daughter defying, the mother holding, the survivor emerging.

See the symphony of strength in her silence. Witness the beauty that blooms in the face of adversity, the power hidden in ordinary routines. For the stories etched in blue, though unspoken, are not unheard. They are the embers that ignite the orange, the whispers that fuel the roar, and the silent testament to the extraordinary women who walk among us.

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About Nohad Dagher

"During the challenging times of Covid, a special person, who is also a mom and a grandma, discovered comfort in painting. When words couldn't express everything she felt, she turned to her paintbrush to speak for her. In her quiet art space, she created beautiful paintings that told stories of strength and hope. Each stroke of her brush was like a magical language, showing how people can be brave even when things are tough. Her art is like a colorful puzzle, where everyone can find a piece of their feelings. She wants to share these stories with others to remind everyone that even in hard times, there is beauty and strength".