In the Depth of the Whole

In the Depth of the Whole

Artwork by Rym Zawk
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Animated Illustration - Video

It had never been the logic behind it that gives us that sense of connection, but rather it is felt through the subtlest heartfelt interactions. Within the deepest seas of our emotional oceans, the inner gem from which we all sprout can be found.

The scale of the whole universe is seen through the perception of the beholder.
The eye, the portal of perception, the majestic enormousness of space and time, that which is more than anything can be spoken. The eye of the womb, birthing life out of nothing, from the depth of every star-scattered galaxy to every deeply emotional droplet of water, wisdom feeding all that is alive.

Naturally, we are all connected. We all know it, It is a feeling that resides in our guts, in the predefined essence of our being. We experience this in our emotional interactions with other creatures, as we relate to the similarities that make us all much of the same essence.
The connection between water, life, emotions, and all that is female, can be the link that undoubtedly sparks our most loving connections.

The act of creation in itself, all the holiest, motherliest bonds, the purest most natural forms of life’s interconnectedness, If not through direct motherly experience, through having raised, or cared for any living being, And even if not through these, the emotional link through inevitably having a mother, says it all.

We are but a fragment of the whole, and are wholes that contain infinite fragments. That infinity itself can stretch forever. Nonetheless, it had never been the logic behind it that gives us that sense of connection, but rather it is felt through the subtlest emotional interactions that as a matter of existence occur with any life form.

We are here, constantly interacting with each other, with ourselves. The core of that interaction sprouts from a place of purity, of instant relation, the core of all of those layers, the smallest of this artwork, the inner gem of which we all sprout, found in the deepest seas of our emotional oceans.

The intended use of different styles of drawing on every scale is a representation of the various perspectives that are all contained within the same frame of a single being experiencing itself through all these forms.

The scales of how we connect are key to this creation here. Our minds are trained to perceive things in linear ways, going front or back in size, scale, and even time. I aim to break that programming in the fitting of elements that are relatable within each other and yet realistically unexpectable; It is easy to perceive that there are cells within our bodies, but it is not as easy to perceive an entire space of much larger bodies within a single cell of our own. That depiction lets us live outside that mental barrier just enough to see beyond the natural way we perceive connection with the nature of everything and ourselves.
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