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Hand-Painted Wooden Key Box

Hand-Painted Wooden Key Box

By Carole Nassif
In Home Decor & Furniture

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Features:   Handmade  Unique Piece 
Materials:   Wood 
Art technique:   Acrylic Painting 
Dimensions (cm):  21.0 x 40.0 x 4.5
Net Weight (kg):  0.5

These exquisite hand-painted wooden key boxes feature intricate depictions of pink flamingos. Each piece is unique and carefully finished with a protective coating to preserve the vibrant artwork.

To maintain their beauty, avoid washing with water; simply wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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About Carole Nassif

Carole Nassif, a seasoned painter with over 25 years of experience, embarked on her artistic journey with a profound desire to channel her emotions onto canvas. Initially inspired by her three daughters and the intricacies of their relationships, Carole's artistic vision expanded to encompass women's experiences, landscapes, and beyond.

As she matured, Carole's art evolved to reflect her perceptions of the world and its impact on her. Beyond traditional canvases, she found inspiration in unconventional mediums such as wood, paper, glass, and even walls, pushing the boundaries of her creativity.

Driven by a passion for sharing her art, Carole actively participates in exhibitions, both solo and collaborative, seeking to engage viewers on a deeper level. For her, the most rewarding aspect of being an artist lies in witnessing the emotional reactions of viewers as they interact with her work. It's not merely about appreciation but about interpretation, understanding, and connection.

Despite the joys of creation, Carole acknowledges the challenges of commissioned work. For her, a painting transcends mere decoration; it should serve as a poignant expression of the buyer's message and emotions, a responsibility she approaches with care and dedication.