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Geisha and the Transgender

Geisha and the Transgender

By Karim Dagher

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Digital tablet

40 x 40 cm

"Geisha and the Transgender" represents the women during the tough old ages of Japan where a lot of females struggled and survived through prostitution and entertainment. However, there are rare moments in history where the male becomes a geisha. With the makeup and kimono, it is as if he desired to be a female himself. my individual wore a wooden mask, hiding their face, to hide its true gender. Is it a He or a She? Like many fishes side by side, it is hard to tell.

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About Karim Dagher

Karim Dagher, also known as Kikotama, is a Lebanese illustrator. Passionate about Japanese culture, he delved into the world of comics, manga, character design, and storytelling from his early years.

His natural talent and ease of drawing were directly recognized. He enrolled in art classes and drawing clubs during his school years to sharpen his skills and explore what he does best.

Kikotama deepened his knowledge and techniques when he attended the “Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts” university in Beirut, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts as well as a Master’s degree in Illustration.

Today, Kikotama’s style focuses on monochromatic art inspired by Japanese culture. He creates his original characters by blending digital art and traditional works on paper. He showcased his work in numerous exhibitions and art fairs.

Kikotama’s art invites us into his unique world of fantasy and fiction, leaving us curious about the hidden messages and mysterious stories behind each piece.