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Emotional Anomaly

Emotional Anomaly

Artwork by Yara Fakih
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Oil on Canvas

30 x 40cm, 2023

"Emotional Anomaly" intricately weaves a tale of resilience and transformation. The nude figure, surrounded by floating fish, signifies a profound escape from the clutches of manipulation and the haunting echoes of trauma. Each fish becomes a symbol of catharsis, navigating the complexities of unexplained emotions resembling the "anomaly". The painting serves as a visual diary of the journey through confusion, emerging into a realm of newfound clarity.

"Emotional Anomaly" captures the delicate process of shedding vulnerability, evolving into strength amidst the swirling currents of emotional emancipation. The title encapsulates the artwork's essence, inviting viewers to witness the captivating metamorphosis from turmoil to tranquility.

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