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Artwork by Marwa Abou Khalil
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Gouache on Canvas

40 x 30 cm

“I’m the house of joy And comfort without end
Inside a fountain flows with water made to mend where myrtle, daisy, rose, and gillyflowers grow.”
— The Arabian Nights

These past few years raised many questions regarding how I see myself: what is beauty; what is self-worth; what are my values?

When I look back and see the pressure for women to be perfect, whether through my personal experience or in our community. From the way we look to how nice and nurturing we must always be to fulfill societal expectations. And it’s layered in ways that make it hard to spot it when you don’t like to fight or draw boundaries.

In ancient Greece, vines symbolized rebirth and the connection between life and death. Emergence is an attempt to capture The fundamental teachings of nature: just like a tree is not afraid of fulfilling its highest potential.

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