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Diadèmes Terriens

Diadèmes Terriens

Artwork by Nora Lebbos
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Acrylic and Marker on Canvas

120 x 90 cm, 2023

"Diadèmes Terriens" depicts a surreal atmosphere where the birth of the Human spirit is surrounded by the invisible yet powerful presence of Love. It is the divine feminine that triumphs in her alchemy with the divine masculine and the perfect equilibrium of the energetics' centers (chakras) in the human body. 

Each color in the canvas, even the rainbow, symbolizes the vibrations of the different energetic centers, which allows different parts of our body together with our spirit to be in perfect harmony and power. Body + Spirit is the alchemy of the feminine and the masculine. This perfect birth of inner power is protected by a spell: "Veillez âmes silencieuses aux diadèmes terriens" (Silent Souls please protect the Earth’s diadems).

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