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Deadline Survivor

Deadline Survivor

Artwork by Maral Maniss
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Artwork by Maral Maniss.

Mixed media with Silver Leaf on Canvas.
70 x 100 cm, 2020.

Maral Maniss’ painting has a closer connection to her childhood and surroundings. She speaks of the strength of her roots and the beauty often found in things that seem to be forgotten. Maral Maniss’ inspirations are rooted in her unique style and have involved in a highly skillful studio practice. Her bold organic work investigates human interaction and humanity’s spirit to rise above social concepts. These investigations are manifested through diverse materials via an uncommon, impulsive, and organic voice full of energetic movements, gestures, and unyielding energy.

Unyielding refers to the strength that Maral Maniss has had to have in her life journey. It also reflects the flexibility of communities sharing her Lebanese Armenian roots. A lot of mediums and materials were used to create her work. Each color and medium consists of many layers of thin paint, ink, silver leaf, markers, lines, and composition.

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