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Curves of Poise and Grace

Curves of Poise and Grace

By Judy Bou Chebl

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Nails: 1621

97 x 122 cm

The woman's body is crafted using nails and threads. The artwork is created on laminated and meticulously treated wood. 

The gentle arcs and lines that shape this portrayal remind us that beauty is found not only in symmetry but in the unique contours that define us.

The Sienna-hued curve with its earthy tones, carries the meaning of sympathy and love, enveloping us in a sense of acceptance and understanding.

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About Judy Bou Chebl

Judy Bou Chebl is a 39-year-old artist known for her captivating creations under the name JUNE. With a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Advertising, Judy has ventured into the world of string art, elevating the craft to new heights.

Her distinctive approach involves utilizing black-and-white contrast to craft mesmerizing pieces where shades and tones intertwine, creating intricate narratives of light and shadow.

"Explore our diverse collection and immerse yourself in this captivating world of threads where every piece tells a story through the dance of light and shadow".