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Chaleur Féminine

Chaleur Féminine

By Lucy Ibrahim

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Crayon on Cardboard

63 x 52 cm

À la chaleur du crépuscule, se mêlent l'aube et l'océan. Alors mon âme toute apaisée me rappelle à la douceur de son étreinte ardente - T.D.
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About Lucy Ibrahim

Lucy is an abstract artist born in Lebanon, she always had that vision to be an artist as she was passionate about art photography & nature at a young age, and then she evolved her skills through her studies in Design at university.

As she started evolving her style of art, coming from her concept, vision, and perspective about life, she created by combining art & sound to make "geometrical musical shapes" as she calls them.

Most of her art is colorful, her inspiration comes from different things including movement, inspired by dancers or even athletes all moving to their rhythm. She is simply observing the beauty of movement & beauty around her translated on a canvas through colors and shapes in motion.

As she's expressing her feelings & the feelings of her surroundings, she finds her own unique beautiful colorful way to spread a message of emotions, the unknown things that are felt, wanting to give a feeling of life to each movement, that is the purpose of life after all to see the beauty in things, everything starts from a line turns from a line to a shape as she is dancing those shapes are dancing on her limitless canvas.