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Breaking Chains of Resilience

Breaking Chains of Resilience

By Nohad Dagher

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Acrylic on Canvas

75 x 100 cm

Chains are broken, hope ablaze. A woman steps out of the canvas, her skin painted with colors of fire and sunset. Scars tell stories of hardship, now faded beneath a resolute gaze. The chains that once held her down lie shattered at her feet, transformed into wings ready to take flight.

In her hand, a torch burns bright, lighting the path to a new tomorrow. Her eyes, filled with hope, invite you to join her. This is "Breaking Chains of Resilience," a painting that celebrates the strength within every woman, the power to overcome and rise brighter than ever before.

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About Nohad Dagher

"During the challenging times of Covid, a special person, who is also a mom and a grandma, discovered comfort in painting. When words couldn't express everything she felt, she turned to her paintbrush to speak for her. In her quiet art space, she created beautiful paintings that told stories of strength and hope. Each stroke of her brush was like a magical language, showing how people can be brave even when things are tough. Her art is like a colorful puzzle, where everyone can find a piece of their feelings. She wants to share these stories with others to remind everyone that even in hard times, there is beauty and strength".