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Between Heaven and Earth part I. The Evening Service

Between Heaven and Earth part I. The Evening Service

Artwork by Myriam Thomas
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4 layered glass panels in a wooden viewing box
17 x 19 x 11 cm

In the Low Countries, mainly in Flanders, beguinages were established from the 13th century onwards. Beguinages were, as it were, "towns within a town" for women who wanted to lead a devout life "together in seclusion" without taking a monastic vow. From 1940 onwards, the number of beguines declined sharply, and in Flanders, the beguine movement has since completely died down.

I recently discovered in the Image Archive of the city of Ghent (Belgium) a series of old photos of daily life around 1920 in the Great Beguinage in Sint-Amandsberg near Ghent. For me, this was the trigger to try to capture the spirituality the hope, the doubt, the joy of the women in those photos, in a small-scale installation.

Using those photos from the image archive as starting material, I made some 3D viewing boxes. Each viewing box measures about 17 cm x 19 cm x 11 cm and contains 4 or 5 layers of glass. For this, I processed the photo material for use as kiln-fired photo decals in a 3D setting. I present here “ The Evening Service”, both the viewing box and the original historical photo that I used as starting material.
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