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Banging Pots 8:00 pm

Banging Pots 8:00 pm

By Laila Chehab
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Features:   Handmade  Unique Piece 
Materials:   Canvas 
Art technique:   Oil Painting 
Dimensions (cm):  50.0 x 70.0 x 2.5
Net Weight (kg):  5.0

At 8:00 pm, the banging pots are heard. A loud riot for change, a movement, a protest.
The collision of the dense metal pots reflects the strength as well as frustration that comes with womanhood.

At this moment, the people of all different neighborhoods, cities, and villages unite creating an echo. An echo of their desperate call for humanity of their hope to reach a future of wisdom and justice.

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About Laila Chehab

Laila Chehab is a Lebanese-Finnish painter based in Beirut, Lebanon, with a diverse artistic background. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a BS degree, she honed her skills by attending art classes at Art Workshop in Beirut for three years. Specializing in impressionistic oil paintings on canvas, Laila's work is characterized by its deep underlying messages and emotional resonance. She is adept at capturing a variety of subject matters, infusing each piece with her unique perspective and personal touch. Through her gestural brushstrokes, Laila brings her paintings to life, creating a captivating experience for viewers.

Beyond canvas, Laila also explores painting on fabrics, further expanding her artistic repertoire. Her work has gained international recognition and can be found adorning the walls of many homes worldwide. Laila has participated in numerous exhibitions, including notable events such as the Resurrection Art Exhibition 2020 in Gymmayzeh, Beirut, and the Lebanese Artist Exhibition at Cairo Opera House in 2019. Her commitment to artistic expression and her ability to evoke powerful emotions through her work have solidified her place in the art world.

Overall, Laila Chehab's artistry transcends boundaries and showcases her talent for creating evocative and meaningful pieces that resonate with audiences worldwide. Through her dedication to her craft and her exploration of different mediums, she continues to push the boundaries of her creativity and leave a lasting impact on the art community.