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Artwork by Christina Abou Jaoude
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Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 60cm

In this artwork, a woman with flowing red-pink hair boldly expresses her passion for freedom and authentic living in vibrant hues of hot pink. Serenely embraced in meditation with closed eyes, she exudes a profound tranquility. Wisdom gracefully spills from her lips, a testament to the rich fabric of her life experiences. Radiant golden spheres orbit around her, each carrying a valuable lesson she has learned.

Her makeup, a carefully crafted expression, symbolizes transcendent knowledge passed down through generations, Nurturing a deep respect for nature, wilderness, animals and humans. The eye on her forehead, enriched with a heart-shaped pupil, serves as the all-seeing eye—a powerful emblem of understanding, learning, and kindness directed both inward and outward.

A surrounding of Montserrat leaves encircles her, symbolizing respect for humankind, honoring elders, and embracing longevity. In the background, the ethereal northern lights cast a glow, inviting a contemplative exploration of life's mysteries beyond the visible. They illuminate the profound truth that our most valuable lessons often arise from personal experiences.

This vibrant tableau invites us to recognize life's abundance and cultivate gratitude for every twist and turn. It suggests that within each experience, no matter how challenging, lies a gem of wisdom waiting to be uncovered. Embrace the journey, learn from it, and cherish the gifts that life graciously bestows upon us.

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