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Anat of Gaza I & II

Anat of Gaza I & II

Artwork by Maya Tohme
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Acrylic and Gouache on Paper

29.50 x 21 cm each 

290$ each

“Anat of Gaza “was inspired by a small head statue discovered in 2022 in Gaza. It is considered more than 4500 years old and represents the Canaanite goddess Anat, the goddess of love and war.

I randomly came across this head statue on the internet. I was immediately drawn to it because it represented the cultural heritage of a people who have populated this land for ages, and also because of the paradox of Anat’s attributes: love and war. Anat was best known through the Ugaritic texts as a sister and ally of the great god Baal, the god of thunder. Apart from being the goddess of love and fertility, she was also a huntress and warrior who treasured justice. It is the image of a loving and strong woman of action.

My depiction of this theme is not a copy of the head statue, but a free interpretation.

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