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Anat of Gaza I & II

Anat of Gaza I & II

By Maya Tohme

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Acrylic and Gouache on Paper

29.50 x 21 cm each 

290$ each

“Anat of Gaza “was inspired by a small head statue discovered in 2022 in Gaza. It is considered more than 4500 years old and represents the Canaanite goddess Anat, the goddess of love and war.

I randomly came across this head statue on the internet. I was immediately drawn to it because it represented the cultural heritage of a people who have populated this land for ages, and also because of the paradox of Anat’s attributes: love and war. Anat was best known through the Ugaritic texts as a sister and ally of the great god Baal, the god of thunder. Apart from being the goddess of love and fertility, she was also a huntress and warrior who treasured justice. It is the image of a loving and strong woman of action.

My depiction of this theme is not a copy of the head statue, but a free interpretation.

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About Maya Tohme

Maya Tohme is a Lebanese artist born in 1963 and living in Lebanon.

She has a "Diplome d'etudes superieurs en Arts-plastique" from ALBA University.

She is currently an art teacher at the University of Kaslik (USEK) Since 2007.

Alongside the usual mediums she works with, such as watercolor, oil, and acrylics, she likes to experiment with unusual materials like broken glass, acetate, pebbles, strings, and lace, …

She draws her inspiration from various art movements which she transforms to make her own, as well as life’s situations and her own emotions. Faces and the human figure are the most recurrent themes in her work.

Recently she has been working on the theme of gods and goddesses which she named “Modern Idols” because they are seen through modern eyes. It allows her to deal with the concept of the masculine and feminine, as well as the concept of man’s relationship to nature.

She believes that there is no art without the spiritual dimension. Art is spirituality, Art is poetry.