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A SIGN رمز

A SIGN رمز

By Toufic Melhem

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Artwork by Toufic Melhem.

Concrete, Fiberglass Mesh, Metal Rod Basalt Stone & Gold Foil 22k.
Dimensions: 51´38.5´31.5 cm, 2020.

The only solution is when there is a blocked wall.

Lebanon has experienced years of instability due to crime, terrorism, armed conflict, civil unrest, and corruption. The artwork created in this environment reflects the country's reality like a mirror in a parallel world. Senses are driven by the pure desire of human beings, and their desires orchestrate the pathway that leads to understanding one's existence.

Through this project, I aim to recreate the various contexts of life and sculpt the human figure to narrate the complexities of Lebanese life. Beirut has endured numerous destructive events, causing tremendous struggle and suffering for different generations due to the lack of safety and security. I intend to transport viewers to the "War Impact" and evoke the painful mindset that urges the soul to fight with hope. The sculpture takes the shape of a struggling human revolting through its movements to express emotional behavior. The scars, cracks, and missing body parts translate the statue's horrific moments, conveying the sentiments of real suffering and the state of mind of the moment.

This kinetic sculpture operates via a mechanical system. The sculpture uses metal rods to create its structure and cement to sculpt the head, which is attached to a stepper motor that moves back and forth. When turned on, the head knocks on the wall before it. My choice of materials emphasizes the importance of their physical formation. The metal rods and cement enhance the sculpture's strength, showcasing the power of their combination as construction materials. The basalt, a volcanic rock, represents the explosion of emotions, the force, and the intensity of human behavior.

This sculpture represents the only solution people resort to when they cannot solve problems. I want to encourage viewers to rethink their problem-solving approaches and consider different perspectives. The sculpture's movements create a rhythm that brings it to life, expressing itself as if an actual human is experiencing an emotional state that conveys its feelings and those of whoever interacts with it. The sculpture's color is inspired by nature, highlighting the importance of mother nature and our reliance on it.

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About Toufic Melhem

Toufic Melhem was born in Lebanon in 1991 and has become a multidisciplinary artist. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design. He pursued his passion for the visual arts by completing a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2021 at the Lebanese University of Fine Arts.

Melhem has gained recognition for his innovative use of materials and his ability to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. Throughout his career, he has explored his work's full range of human emotions and mental states, drawing inspiration from his experiences and observations of the world around him.

Melhem's art is deeply personal and often incorporates unconventional materials and techniques, creating visually striking and conceptually rich works. His sculptures and installations often incorporate movement, inviting viewers to engage with his work more profoundly. Melhem has collaborated with other artists in collective exhibitions, showcasing his unique approach to sculpture and installation art. His contributions to the arts have been widely recognized, and his work has been exhibited in galleries and other venues throughout Lebanon.

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