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A Saudade State

A Saudade State

Artwork by Yara Loucas
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Artwork by Yara Loucas.

Acrylic on canvas
40 x 30 cm, 2015

My fascination and appeal are set onto faces, emotions, and expressions, which are the primary influence on my work, specifically, the translation of those situations into exaggerated attitudes, mirroring my state of mind and how I perceive the image behind real life that may sometimes be an abstract illustration, to the inspiration sought after, that could be people or situations happening Inside or outside my circle.

Artwork Description:

Stuck in a horrifying emotional state where everything and everyone is missed and far away, the haze of thoughts triggers these multiple emotions into getting more challenging and more perturbing getting closer and closer…. I can’t breathe.
The hurt rises to the surface, augmenting the portrayal of surrender and the pursuit of just fading. Still, an unconscious part plays a vindictive, stubborn role to endure, only surviving, fearing tomorrow, but looking forward to the next wound.

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