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Unveiling Freedom

Unveiling Freedom

By Hadeel Al-Kadasi

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Self-Portrait Photograph

A girl delicately unveils her scarf, revealing a gaze filled with curiosity and excitement. Adorned with Al-Sitarah and adorned in old traditional jewelry, her eyes reflect a profound realization that she transcends the darkness she has been living in.

Living in a conservative and repressive society, surrounded by close-minded individuals, the girl begins to open her eyes to new possibilities, experiencing the first inklings of doubt and uncertainty. She discovers an entire world lying ahead of her.
The opening chapters of the collection immerse the viewer in the protagonist's awakening, as she confronts a world previously unknown to her. This initiation marks the commencement of her journey, a path strewn with challenges that reflect the conflicts embedded within the society she inhabits. The narrative skillfully weaves through the intricate fabric of societal norms, prejudices, and expectations, mirroring the struggles faced by many in their quest for self-discovery.

This collection takes you through the girl's journey, starting with the opening of her eyes to a new world, navigating the constraints of a chaotic and restrictive upbringing, and the conflicts within society and the obstacles surrounding her. In the series, she explores avenues for escape, reflecting on stages of fear, anger, acceptance, and the ultimate liberation from societal norms and hustle culture. Eventually, she decides to move forward, holding onto her culture not as a hindrance but as a symbol of strength. The photos encapsulate a compelling narrative of self-discovery and breaking free.

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About Hadeel Al-Kadasi

Hadeel Al-Kadasi, a 20-year-old human rights advocate from Yemen, has actively engaged in the Yemeni Instagram artists' community, as well as participating in various photography and filmmaking groups and forums.

Her debut photo collection, titled 'Sitarh,' focuses on portraying women and addressing issues related to equal opportunity. This collection is set to be featured in 'Al Zine' magazine on the Al Yamania platform and at selected venues.

Additionally, Hadeel has delved into filmmaking with a short documentary titled 'One Goal to Peace,' chronicling the journey of the Yemeni youth football team to the Asia finals. This collaborative project involved working with Barbara Harrison Media and UNITAR.

In her artistic exploration, Hadeel took part in a photography workshop centered on the themes of 'home' and 'alienation.' Venturing into various locations around Beirut for inspiration, she developed her concept of 'home' by immersing herself in street life and capturing elements that evoke a sense of belonging.

Furthermore, she participated in a workshop focusing on digital transformation in culture. During this workshop, Hadeel has engaged with various social media content creators who incorporate different forms of visual art into their content.

Hadeel Al-Kadasi's multifaceted contributions to the arts and her commitment to social causes make her a noteworthy figure in the Yemeni creative community.