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Untitled Mansour 1

Untitled Mansour 1

Artwork by Lama Mansour
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Acrylic on Paper Mounted on Canvas

50 x 70 cm


The strength of a woman lies in her willingness to introspect. Introspection enables her to know herself, understand her strengths and weaknesses, and progress on the path of personal growth. By turning inward, she can challenge restrictive social norms, promote equity, and advocate for the values that are important to her. How can she bring forth this state of grace within her?

Nudity, or the act of baring oneself, brings her closer to the animal state. By shading the trappings of artifice and becoming aware of her role in the fragility of all things, she can be in symbiosis with nature and thus focus and support those in need. This introspection nurtures her resilience, wisdom, and ability to overcome challenges with grace and determination.

The combination of empathy and introspection gives a woman a unique strength, that of creating profound and lasting change, spreading understanding and kindness, and inspiring others to follow her example. By embracing these qualities, she contributes to raising the level of collective consciousness and shaping a world where compassion, mutual understanding, and empowerment are essential pillars of society.

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