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The Shield

The Shield

Artwork by Roula Salibi
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Artwork by Roula Salibi.

Inspired by Gustave Klimt.

Gustave Klimt holds a special place among my favorite painters. His portrayal of women's bodies, beauty, suffering, and love inspires me. In each of his paintings, there's a reflection of a woman's journey, an experience that resonates deeply with us. It's as though, at least once in our lives, we've lived what the women in his art are conveying.

In my ceramic art piece, I aimed to depict this powerful image. I crafted the woman's dress using a combination of complete and incomplete circles. These circles can be put together, forming a protective shield. However, they can just as easily detach to symbolize the vulnerability and potential dangers that persist despite all obstacles.

The essence I sought to capture is universal. Every one of us navigates difficult periods, experiences loss, and confronts danger. Yet, we all possess an innate shield – the resilience and strength to persevere in adversity.

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