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The Shield

The Shield

By Roula Salibi

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Artwork by Roula Salibi.

Inspired by Gustave Klimt.

Gustave Klimt holds a special place among my favorite painters. His portrayal of women's bodies, beauty, suffering, and love inspires me. In each of his paintings, there's a reflection of a woman's journey, an experience that resonates deeply with us. It's as though, at least once in our lives, we've lived what the women in his art are conveying.

In my ceramic art piece, I aimed to depict this powerful image. I crafted the woman's dress using a combination of complete and incomplete circles. These circles can be put together, forming a protective shield. However, they can just as easily detach to symbolize the vulnerability and potential dangers that persist despite all obstacles.

The essence I sought to capture is universal. Every one of us navigates difficult periods, experiences loss, and confronts danger. Yet, we all possess an innate shield – the resilience and strength to persevere in adversity.

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About Roula Salibi

Roula Salibi is a jewelry and ceramic designer, art director, and project manager with substantial work experience in art production and event planning. After dedicating more than ten years to the business world and event planning, Salibi felt the time had come to follow her true passion: Art.

She devoted the next few years to learning as much as possible, including undertaking intensive courses at ESMOD Beirut and immersing herself in every aspect of the art world. She launched her first contemporary sterling silver jewelry line in 2012 and had the opportunity to showcase her collections in Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Dubai.

In addition to her work in jewelry design, she co-produced and served as an assistant director for one of Beirut's most significant cultural events, the Beirut Cultural Festival, held in 2017, which inspired her passion for the arts and culture field. She also had the opportunity to collaborate on several art direction projects for advertisements in partnership with various production houses.

In 2020, she pursued intensive ceramic design courses that gave her a new perspective on product design and manual work. She’s been creating her line of product ceramics since.

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