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Artwork by Maria Azar
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Acrylic on Canvas


120 x 90 cm

"Surrender" is a piece of art inspired by a found cut trunk of a huge old tree in a forest in Biot, South of France. Surrendering was an act of complete submission to cycles, thus it was not a death, meaning an end to this tree, but a rebirth, within this forest where it seemed as alive as the greenery around it.

What a woman opts to do with her life is surrendering to be. To be. By being, a series of deaths and rebirth takes place, she not only forges herself, but through her transformation, others are compelled to undergo a process of change, in sync with cycles, with cycles of nature. Surrender becomes the strength and drive of women who pave the path to thyself. Surrender is then defined as a soul aspiration to the curious.

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