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Silent Protest

Silent Protest

Artwork by Hadeel Al-Kadasi
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Self-Portrait Photograph

A young girl adorned in the Al-Sitarah, a traditional Yemeni costume worn by women for modesty, gazes into the camera. With old-fashioned jewelry complementing her attire, she directs a look of frustration and rejection toward her surroundings, subtly turning her head to the left.

Social norms, the unwritten rules that govern our behaviors and interactions, often act as both the compass and the anchor of societal order. Facing social norms involves questioning the status quo and challenging the established order. Throughout that, she dared to question prevailing norms to be an instrument in driving social movement. Confronting social norms and overcoming fear and stigma are associated with deviating from the expected path. The fear of judgment, rejection, or isolation can be powerful deterrents. However, she faces these fears and challenges norms to pave the way for a more accepting and understanding society. The tension between societal expectations and personal identity often results in a struggle for her. As the girl traverses this tumultuous terrain, she encounters obstacles that threaten to impede her progress. These obstacles take various forms, ranging from external barriers imposed by society to internal conflicts rooted in her own identity.

The narrative unfolds these challenges with nuance, portraying a vivid tapestry of the girl's internal and external struggles. Breaking free from the mold can be met with resistance and criticism. However, it is through this struggle that she carved out her authentic identity and contributed to a more diverse and inclusive society.

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