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Artwork by Aida Rubeiz
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Artwork by Aida Rubeiz.

Mixed Media on Canvas.
68cm x 48cm (canvas), 82cm x 62cm (frame), 2011.

I will start by saying I don’t see sadness in blacks and grays. I see black, gray, and white as neutral colors that are very comforting. For instance, they are also colors I view as more appropriate for an office environment.

I made Respite shortly after relocating back to Lebanon after what seems like a lifetime of living worldwide. Respite is a collection of memories, thoughts, and feelings – a portrayal of the discontinuity between my memories of the Lebanon I left so long ago and the Lebanon I found upon my return.

The loss of people who were no longer here; the missing relationships with people who were still here; the difficulty in re-engaging in the culture I left behind; glimpses of my new "normal" - now so far away…; the desire to gather with distant friends; the cultural cuffs that restrained me from making new ones or reconnecting with old ones; the soft glow of a burning fire - its warmth… – my respite for now.

In summary, I would say the relation of “Respite” to fortitude is its depiction of the strength of the human spirit as you “reset”, reconfigure, adapt, and accept new norms and adversities in life.

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