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By Aida Rubeiz

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Artwork by Aida Rubeiz.

Mixed Media on Canvas.
70cm x 50cm (canvas), 85cm x 60cm (frame), 2018.

“Potpourri” is a collection of memories, thoughts, and feelings – those that come by surrounding oneself with objects and images that have meaning within. The women in the background, with their colorful dresses and headscarves, transport me across the world to Salvador, Bahia, for just an instant - long enough for the cheerful colors of the city to become my palette of joy and cheer.

Each corner of this portrait is a favorite corner at some point in the past. The gathering areas, each pillow and throw, the portraits, the treasures and knick-knacks, and the flowers – a different type of warmth - a happy place within.

I think the relation of “Potpourri” to the subject of fortitude, is that it depicts the ability of the human spirit to deal with change, loss, and adversity and to persevere by making the best of what life has dealt us; we accept what we cannot change, we resign ourselves, we adapt, and then we keep going - we fill the voids with what we love and what makes us happy.

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About Aida Rubeiz

Aida Rubeiz has always had a keen eye for beauty – flowers, colors, materials, and the ability to see potential in what others may have left behind. Though she did not have formal training in the arts, she was gifted with the ability to rearrange things and repurpose materials into an eclectic, unique artifact. In her early twenties, she had an antique wooden wardrobe cut and rebuilt into the most unique formal sitting room, and from furnishings to gardens, she began creating her style.

As her life led her across the world - far from family, friends, and places she loved, she soon became enchanted with collage as a means of portraying her feelings, memories, and dreams into a virtual world of her own – a world she assembles one piece at a time.

Her mediums are paper and glue, but the substrate could be anything – canvas, paper, cardboard, porcelain, glass, wood, or an object with a silent meaning…. She likes to use printed material for the images—somebody’s art – to be reused in a new venue. One particular image is the seed from which, one clipping at a time, a scene evolves to merge colors, style, people, things, and memories and bring life to her collages.

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