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My Red Milk I

My Red Milk I

Artwork by Dzovig Arnelian
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Artwork by Dzovig Arnelian.

Breast print on Bra 14 x 20cm
24.5x29.5x6cm (framed), 2020

To be born as a woman is to be born with waging war. A combat we often face with our own body and its challenging alterations, and a battle we are forced into with the society surrounding it.

My artworks “My Red Milk I” and “My Red Milk II” are breast prints on a bra's exterior and interior parts. Through this work, I represent the harsh pain of womanhood and motherhood, often dipped in blood and pain.

I create these works by painting on my body and pressing my body onto personal cotton. Through this procedure, I desire to directly transfusion pain and emotions from my body to intimate items and belongings.

In the third artwork, entitled “A suffocating presence,” a nude female figure is represented in a complex yet tight interior structure. This woman fights with all her limbs to survive and thrive in her environment.

As a unity, these three artworks manifest our willingness as women and humans to continue flourishing through difficulty. In light of the “Unyielding” collective exhibition, my work stands as a resilient path to all the hardships that accompany a woman's journey.

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