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Inside Outside

Inside Outside

Artwork by Samia Soubra
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Artwork by Samia Soubra.

43.5x54 cm, 2020

In "Inside Outside," I delve into the concept of 'fortitude' through a visual exploration that embodies the resilience of the human spirit. The piece features a cloud-like structure, an emblem of the complexities we navigate in life. Within this ethereal form, lines are meticulously crafted, forming and holding on, representing the enduring core of our strength.

Yet, challenges often erase and obscure these lines as we journey through life. Chaotic ink prints mar the rest of the canvas, symbolizing the turbulence of our experiences. "Inside Outside" invites contemplation of the fortitude process. It speaks to the human capacity to rebuild and emerge stronger, even when faced with the erasure of our initial resolve.

This artwork underscores that fortitude transcends mere survival; it is the art of thriving. It manifests as a patient, determined, and unwavering belief in our ability to reconstruct resilience & become solid again, irrespective of how many times it may be tested. "Inside Outside" celebrates human endurance's power and innate potential to transform adversity into strength.

Through this piece, I aspire to inspire individuals to recognize their strength and embrace the profound journey of evolving, emerging not as mere survivors but as individuals who thrive, recreate their resilience, and find beauty in the intricate dance between chaos and control.

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